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EF Rhoades is your local regional dealer for Reelcraft reels. We offer hose, cord, & cable reels for agriculture, industrial, automotive, restaurant, personal use and more. We have the capability to custom build to your specifications.

Our hose reels deliver air, water, oil, grease and many other types of fluids. And we have cord reels to fit your electric needs. We have the most complete product line and are known as the leader in the industry for our durable, high quality and heavy duty products.

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8100 OHP

Our self retracting high pressure hose reels our one of our most popular for stationary washing units in shops.


RT 850 OLP

The RT series are self retracting and light weight which make them perfect for residential use.


CA32112 M

Hand crank hose reels are great for at home, on trailer units or other areas for both high pressure hose and garden hose.


L 4545-123-9G

There are several different options of cord reels that are great for agricultural, industrial or residential use.


7850 OLP

Stop tripping over air hoses, the self retracting low pressure hose reels are perfect for air hose in the shop.


TW7450 OLP

Other welding, cable and specialty reels are available as well. We can help you find a reel to fit the job.