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When it comes to pressure cleaning systems, we have you covered. We carry both hot and cold pressure cleaners with both stationary and portable systems. If it’s hot water cleaning you need, we have AaLadin pressure washers with options for fuel oil burning and gas burning models as well as an all electric model. On the other hand, if it’s cold you need, we can provide that too with AaLadin, Pressure Pro or Nilfisk portable machines. There is also the option for gas powered or electric models for your cold water needs. Unsure of when to choose hot or cold water machines? Hot water machines are for the tough jobs, they are made to clean oil, grease and grime or when sanitation is needed. Cold water machines are used when you are just trying to remove caked on dirt, sand or even stripping away paint. We also service many other brands of pressure washer, just ask us if you have any questions about your particular washer.

Hot Water Gas v. Hot Water Electric

Our most popular Hot Water Gas machine is the AaLadin 41-530 or 41-330. These machines are made for heavy use but still portable, great for agricultural or industrial use.

Our most popular Hot Water Electric machine is the AaLadin 14-530 for commercial use or the 12-325 (or 12-310) for residential use. The electric machines are not as portable but are quieter and low maintenance.

Cold Water Gas v. Cold Water Electric

Our most popular Cold Water Gas machines are Pressure Pro’s E-3027 for residential use and their EB-4040HG for commercial use. Gas powered machines are great for portability.

Our most popular Cold Water Electric machine is the Nilfisk MC7P. This machine is quiet and is the lowest maintenance machine available.

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